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Dr. Hall
By Dr. Philip Hall, Dermatologist

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book Do you have shingles or have a loved one who does? Do you have questions about shingles treatments, outbreaks and how to live with this potentially debilitating disease? If your have worrying and wondering over these questions, then we have the answers for you!

Dr. Phillip Hall, head of the Hall Skin Care Clinic has taken his vast knowledge of shingles and written a guide to all you'll ever need to know about shingles treatment and care.

As a doctor for fifteen years, and running my own clinic for the past ten, I've seen thousands of cases of shingles. I've discovered what works in treating shingles and what doesn't. Don't fall for the useless scams you see on the internet that promises a non-existent cure for shingles. I wanted to make sure people had the facts, that's why I wrote 'Shingles: What We Know, What You Should Know', and that's why I'm proud to offer it to you.

For just $19.95 you can get the answer to every question you've ever had about shingles, and many facts you didn't even suspect. Shingles: What We Know, What You Should Know, available now as an eBook, is the absolutely last word on the subject of shingles causes, treatments, how effective different medications are, if home remedies actually work, and if the alternative treatments are work the time, and the cost. Dr. Hall goes into the details in this breezy, detailed but comprehensive book.

"This is the book I refer my shingles patients to. Dr. Hall lays it all out in clear, comprehensive language and photographs. Highly recommended" Dr. Marlene Powers.

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  • This is the ebook I keep around and even give to my older friends suffering for this disease. Don't believe shingles cure nonsense and people peddling it all over the internet! There is not cure for it, but you can prevent it and you can lessen it, and the way to do it is in Dr. Hall's book! Best 15 quid I ever spent!
    Jack Chesney, UK
  • I read this book ebook to cover! Finally, one place to get all my questions answered without bugging my doctor (and getting a bill!). Highly recommended!
    Thomas Cooke, Arizona, USA
  • This book tells you the facts! I've been checking around site to site and couldn't find anything that seemed reliable, much less authoritative. thank you Dr. Hall! A friend put me on to your book and it was just want I was looking for! I think I finally understand the causes and triggers of my outbreaks, and your section on dealing with shingles has been nothing more than a lifesaver. Bless you!
    Marion Myers, Brisbane, Au

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